Services of Licensing, Inspection and Chartered Electrical Safety Engineer (CESE) Authorization are now available ONLINE. OFFLINE application will not be accepted.
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Mission & Vision

     To develop mission, goals and to actuate them for the Department of Energy, Govt. of Odisha. This organization aims at planning, developing, managing and advising the Govt. scheme under Department of Energy.
Establish policies necessary for effective and efficient implementation of the Government�s programme.
Establish a system to periodically review organizational performance.
Establish and continually review systems to develop, improve and maintain employees moral.


Notice regarding online availability of 22 nos. of web application modules
          for Public Services notified under ORTPSA.

Notice regarding publication of result of SCC (MV & HT) Examination-2019,
          Workman Permit Examination-2019 & Workman-EHT Permit Examination-2019

Model Question Paper for Chartered Electrical Safety Engineer Examination

Notice regarding activation of online electrical licensing services as per ORTPS Act 2012

Detailed Advertisement for "Chartered Electrical Safety Engineer Examination-2020"

Electrical safety- fault protection in LV system
          Unskilled worker engaged in FANI



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2nd National Electrical Safety Week-2021

Application form for Electrical Safety Awards 2021

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