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Engineer in Chief Electricity-cum-PCEI Odisha has been notified as State Designated Agency for the State of Odisha for implementation of EC Act-2001. Apart from the EC Act implementation, the Engineer in Chief Electricity-cum-PCEI Odisha carries out electrical inspection of installations under IE rules.The organization also acts as an advisor to State Government on matters relating to Policy, implementation and monitoring of electricity related activities in the State. Guided by relentless focus on our energy conservation and energy efficiency imperatives, SDA, Odisha constantly strives to implement the initiatives required to achieve the vision of “Enhanced Energy Efficiency”. SDA, Odisha continually strives to propagate energy excellence to every corner of the State and targets to meet or exceed the commitments to the many stakeholders it serves. All of the long-term strategies and short-term actions are targeted towards the achievement of “Enhanced Energy Efficiency”, by exploring new energy conservation opportunities while continually improving efficiency that can be watched and emulated as a model of success

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