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Circular Notification
Conservation of energy 7/11/2005 p
Promotion of energy efficient building 24/02/2010 p
Energy Conservation by regulating operating time of outdoor lightening 22/01/2010. p
Appointment of Adjudicating Officer by OERC p
Industrial Policy Resolution (IPR) - 2015 p
20th National Certification Examination for EM and EA p
Vehicle tender for EC activities p
Vehicle Tender Call Notice p
Energy conservation Intiatives measures 23/12/2009 p
Implementation of Energy Conservation Measures 26/10/2009 p
Energy efficiency in govt offices 24/02/2010 p
Standard Labeling programme for distribution Transformers 02/07/2007 p
Energy use and conservation-18/05/2007 p
Save energy for your healthy,safe and better future
Take a small step ,save energy ,it means a lot to future
Save energy ,stay safe and save our country
Save energy,save future,save nature
Switch off today,save tomorrow
Energy Saving happy living