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A professional business providing a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings projects, energy conservation, Energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation and energy supply, and risk management .

ESCO performs an in-depth analysis of the property, designs an energy efficient solutions, install the required elements, and maintains the system to ensure energy savings during the payback period. The savings in energy costs is often used to pay back the capital investment of the project over a five to twenty years period, or reinvested into the building to allow for capital upgrades that may otherwise be unfeasible. If the project does not provide returns on the investment, the ESCO is often responsible to pay the difference. However ESCO has to ensure project implementation and be responsible for the result.

List Of Some Energy Saving Companies in Odisha :

1 .  Asian Electronics Limited
2 .  Blue Star Limited
3 .  DSCL Energy Services Company Ltd.
4 .  Pranat Engineers Pvt Ltd.
5 .  Power Research & Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
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