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IFFCO Ltd., Paradeep

IFFCO has acquired the fertilizer unit of Oswals at Paradeep in Orissa. The Oswal Chemicals and Fertilisers plant, commissioned in April 2000 is the world’s largest grassroots Di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) plant, can produce 2 million tonnes of the fertiliser a year. In terms of nutrients, the production capacity amounts to 0.8 million tonnes of ‘P2O5’ and 0.325 million tonnes of ‘N’ per annum.

IFFCO Paradeep unit is situated on Bhubaneswar - Paradeep National Highway No. 5-A, about 110 KM away from the State capital Bhubaneswar. Paradeep is the deepest natural port in the East Coast of India

Sr. No. Plant Capacity Technology / Supplier
1 Sulfuric Acid Plant 23,10,000 MTPA M/s. Lurgy GmbH, Germany
2 Phosphoric Acid Plant 8,75,000 MTPA M/s. Jacobs Engg. Group Inc., USA
3 Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) Plant 19,20,000 MTPA M/s. Jacobs Engg. Group Inc., USA
4 Turbo Generator sets for power generation 2 sets having 55 MW capacity each M/s. LMZ, Russia
5 Coal fired steam generation plant 2 streams having 110 TPH capacity each M/s. Thermax, India
6 Various utilities / offsite facilities Sufficient to cater the need of all the main plants Various suppliers

The process utilizes and updated version of the standard Jacobs’ Slurry process with Pre-Neutralizer and Pipe Reactor combination and dual mole scrubbing system. The design capacity of each train is 95 MTPH.

The raw materials required are Phosphoric Acid, Ammonia, and Sulphuric Acid.


The Phosphoric plant is designed to produce 2650 MTPD of 100% P2O5. The manufacturing process is supplied by M/s Jacobs Engineering. USA.

Paradeep Unit Raw Material-

The main raw materials for manufacturing phosphoric fertilizers at IFFCO Paradeep plant are imported from various countries. The water required for the Plant is met from the Taldanda Canal which is 2 KM away from the plant site.

The raw materials required by the complex, i.e. Rock Phosphate, Sulphur, Sulfuric Acid and Ammonia are shipped from the various overseas ports and unloaded at the IFFCO Jetty located at Paradeep Port. The solid raw materials are discharged by 2 nos. ship unloaders each having capacity 1500 MTPH and conveyed to their respective storage areas by conveying system of 3000 MTPH capacity. These raw materials are transported to the plant through a network of belt conveyors & pipelines.


Manufacturing process is supplied by M/s Lurgi GmbH, Germany. Solid Sulphur is melted in three sulphur melting tanks provided with steam coils. The liquid ‘Sulphur’ is then filtered in filters and pure liquid sulphur is stored in the molten sulphur storage tank at 1450 C. From this, the molten sulphur is pumped to the sulphur furnace.

Address with Contact Details:

IFFCO,Paradeep Unit

Vill: Musadia, PO: Paradeep,

Dist: Jgatsinghpur-754142

Contact Person: M.R Patel(Executive Director)

Ph: 06722-224001

Fax: 06722-224122

Mob: 9937238341


Consumption details & MTOE Calculation Of 2008-2009 :
MTOE Calculation
Name Of Energy Quantity Unit GCV(KCal/Kg) MTOE
Electricity Purchased 163.51 Lakh kWh -- 1406.186
Own generation through Steam Turbine 2565 Lakh kWh -- 22059
Own generation through DG Set -- Lakh kWh -- 0
Electricity Supplied to Grid -- Lakh kWh -- 0
Own generation Consumption -- Lakh kWh -- 0
Gaseous Fuel -- MT -- 0
Coke -- MT -- 0
Coal For Process -- MT -- 0
LDO -- KL -- 0
HSD 864 KL 11840 845.285
Furnace Oil 3357.573 KL 10050 3150.640
Total MTOE 27461.111
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