Electrification of IIT at Argul, Bhubaneswar

Objective: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has started functioning imparting technical education at higher level in Odisha as per a policy decision of Govt. of India. The campus of the institute is under construction at Argul near Bhubaneswar. The Govt. of Odisha have entrusted the work of electrification of the institute and its campus to the Energy Department.

Funds flow arrangement: For electrification work of IIT, Argul, Bhubaneswar, the Govt. of Odisha is providing 100% budgetary support. During the F.Y. 2010-11, fund provision of 8.00 crore has been made and the same has been released in favour of the executing agencies i.e. OPTCL/CESU. In order to meet the additional fund requirement for progress of the work, a Plan Provision of 8.00 crore was made for the F.Y. 2011-12. A token provision of 1 lakh was kept for the F.Y 2012-13 and 5.00 crore have been provided in the Budget for the F.Y. 2013-14 to carry out the above works .

Implementation Status: The executing agency has been performing the work of electrification of the Institution.

Project Monitoring Mechanism: Since the work of electrification of IIT, Argul is entrusted to Energy Department the periodical progress is reviewed by Principal Secretary, Energy Department. The executing agencies at their level also evaluate the progress of work. The Hon’ble Chief Minister also reviews the progress of the project for its completion within the schedule time.

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