Samuka Beach Project

Objective: In order to provide ultra-modern facilities with all comfort to tourists and to increase State revenue from tourism industry, Government of Odisha have decided to launch a mega project at Puri by developing infrastructure facilities such as modern hotel, amusement park, etc. in the sea beach at Puri namely, Samuka Beach Project. Since, electricity is a prime requirement of this project in huge scale, the Department of Energy, Govt. of Odisha is entrusted with this task.

Funds flow arrangement: This being a dream project of Government of Odisha for electrification work in project site, budgetary support is provided in the budget of Energy Department. The tentative estimate made by the Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited and CESU for construction of 132/33 KV Sub-Station and up-gradation of 250 KV line, 44.61 crore is required. During the Financial Year 2009-10, a budgetary provision was made for the Scheme at 2.00 crore and in the F.Y. 2010-11 & 2011-12, 3.30 & 5.00 crore was provided in the Annual Budget and same is released in favour of OPTCL and CESU for execution of the work. Similarly, Plan proposal for 5.00 crore was made in the B.E. 2013-14 for the implementation of the scheme, and that has been released in favour of OPTCL.

Implementation Status: The initial work of electrification at Samuka beach has already been started by the executing agencies and it is expected to be completed within the schedule period.

Project Monitoring Mechanism: Samuka Beach Project is a multi-departmental project where the Tourism & Culture Department, Energy Department etc. are involved. The concerned departments are entrusted with the responsibility of execution of their respective work in the project site. Energy Department being a participatory department in the implementation of the project, Principal Secretary of the Department takes periodical review of progress of work. The Hon’ble Chief Minister is also from time to time reviews the progress of work. The work progress is also reviewed by the executing agencies at their level.

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